Gatliff Marathon (25km)

Race Date: Sunday, 24/11/2019
Race Distance: Other - Run

The Gatliff "Marathon" is an LDWA-type challenge event for walkers and runners. Turn up at the rugby club in Edenbridge within a 4-hour time slot, and you are issued with gnomic written instructions & grid references to follow. This year there was a choice of 25km or 50km distance. With the event falling the day after the club dinner, there was no question of doing the longer distance. The weather on the day was pleasant - but conditions underfoot were remarkable - other participants have suggested that on top of recent rainfall, the organisers might have turned a hose on the route and then got "all the horses in Kent" to churn up the mud. Lakes of mud around stiles and gates were to be expected, gloopy mud on uphill stretches felt, well, unnecessary. Despite this Ella flew round, barely touching the mud, & was first lady as well as third overall. I trudged, but still managed 15th lady out of 55 - no age cats in this event. Interestingly the numbers of men and women participating were almost equal at this distance (but the usual 3/4 : 1/4 at the longer distance).