Tour of Pendle

Race Date: Saturday, 16/11/2019
Race Distance: 16 Miles

An, at times, scenic trot around the top of Pendle Hill, famously home to all the witches of the North West. I say at times as for about half the time it was clad in fine Northern clag but I only had to get the map out once due to excellent following of other runners. What would have been a nice relaxing run was punctuated by no less than 6 bravery testing descents (including one called Geronimo!) and an equal number of calf burning climbs, some rather meanly placed right next to each other. The rest was quite runnable when you weren't hip deep in a bog. Perfect fell running terrain. A great time was had and at £9 including a t-shirt and a bottle of beer, who could argue! Will I go back? Not half...