Ravenna marathon

Race Date: Sunday, 10/11/2019
Race Distance: Marathon

After winning an entry at the Seville marathon expo earlier this year, fate decided that I should do the Ravenna Marathon and what a good decision it was! Great race (if mildly chaotic in true Italian style!) with wonderfully eccentric music along the way - a seriously random Radiohead cover (I happen to love Climbing Up The Walls but its not exactly your average motivational race tune!), a group of kids cracking whips along to country music, an elegant lady playing the harp - great fun. I even had my own personal pacer - lovely Italian Lisa was leading the 4hr pace group while keeping up a constant stream of encouraging chatter. All that and there was actual PANETTONE at the water stations!!! Plus a gorgeous handmade mosaic medal at the end, and then afterwards a beautiful city full of amazing mosaics and delicious food to explore :-) Highly recommended.