Futakotamagawa parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 26/10/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

This week's run was possible because about 40 volunteers turned up at 8am last Sunday to tidy up 1km of space between the Tamagawa river and the controlling levee where the parkrun course goes. Further on the course is still too boggy 2 weeks after typhoon Hagibis so we had a boring 3lapper out and back, but hey a boring course is better than no course at all. Heavy rain on Friday made the going soft (in horse racing parlance) but this morning was the clearest I have seen it in Tokyo which meant beautiful views of Mt Fuji. I was joined by former Windmiler Steven Cull and his 11 year old son Christopher who was robbed of a new JM11-14 record by the slippery conditions. I was co-tailwalker (they need a Japanese speaker in that role)