9th July 2019

Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee Minutes

Date:  Tuesday 9 July 2019

Start time: 20.45

Finish time: 21:45

Venue: Hand in Hand, Wimbledon



  • John Sabourin (JS) President
  • Anas Hassan (AH) Chair
  • Gavin Mclaughlan (GM) Treasurer
  • Anne Davies (AD) Acting Secretary
  • Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain
  • Ella Waddingham (EW) Ladies’ Team Captain
  • Jeff Hoadley (JH) Membership Rep
  • Steve Fletcher (SF) Coaching Rep
  • Ralph Gilbert (RG) Comms Rep
  • Claire Morgan (CM) Comms Rep
  • Jo Burge (JB) General Member



  • Chiara Samele (CS) Ladies’ Team Captain
  • James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain
  • Ebney Hossen (EH) Social Secretary
  • Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep
  • Simon Olney (SO) Triathlon Rep
  • Kate Carter (KC) General Member



1 The minutes of the last meeting (9 April) were approved.


2 Welfare

  • ACTION: EW agreed that she and CS will follow up on the matter relating to transgender club members participating in the Surrey league/championship races
  • JS informed the committee that there are likely to be two mental health-focused events later this year (as part of the EA Run and Talk initiative which the club is looking to participate in)


3 Membership

  • ACTION: JH to circulate membership report to committee as soon as possible
  • ACTION: JH to circulate proposed membership form before next committee meeting
  • ACTION: AH to contact EA for clarification about GDPR implications of collecting next of kin contact information


4 Financial

  • GM provided an update on the club’s financial position
  • Income is higher compared to the same time last year – this is probably due to increased membership (to be checked against membership report to be prepared by JH)
  • We expect to make a loss this year (in line with budget)
  • Swimming may end up being a larger loss than budgeted


5 Quarter marathon

  • RG updated the committee on progress with the QM. Currently 55 entries received – break even is around 180, so we need to work hard across a variety of channels to increase the numbers of entries
  • JS pointed out that the QM is being mentioned weekly at Wimbledon parkrun, and flyers have been distributed at various locations around Wimbledon
  • ACTION: PR to circulate the flyer pdf via email to men’s captains of other clubs
  • ACTION: SF to mention the QM in the weekly email to the club coaches
  • ACTION: CM to include request for volunteers in the next email newsletter


6 Other events

  • ACTION: CM & RG to provide event information (incl. requests for marshals and other volunteers) to SF for the weekly coach emails
  • ACTION: SF & CM to discuss date and format of proposed track mile


7 Calendar

  • AH explained the rationale for the calendar. The aim is to provide the committee with an overview of events and activities that the club organises or participates in. This should make it easier to plan events/races etc. The committee will review the calendar at each meeting
  • ACTION: All committee members to send updates to AH as they arise so that the calendar can be kept up to date



  • Marathon ballot criteria
    • It was agreed that volunteering at the Surrey Slog race (organised by MABAC) would be added to the list of qualifying activities for the club London Marathon ballot
  • Club 40th anniversary
    • ACTION: JB, PR, JH to discuss ideas to celebrate the club’s 40th anniversary which falls in 2020, and to bring suggestions to the next committee meeting
    • ACTION: EW volunteered to manage the awards process
    • ACTION: AH to add awards to the topics for discussion at the next Town Hall meeting
  • Volunteer event
    • GM pointed out that £500 has been set aside in the budget for a volunteer event to celebrate their contribution (CH is maintaining a list of current volunteers)
    • ACTION: AH to ask for a volunteer from the committee to organise a volunteer event during this financial year (ends 31 December)


Date of next meeting 8th October 2019