Kvarner Swim Challenge

Race Date: Friday, 11/10/2019
Race Distance: Other - Swim

This was a two day event, Friday 11 and Saturday 12 October, covering around 25km over four swims centred on Krk and Cres, the two largest islands in the Kvarner Gulf in Croatia. Day one was the ‘Krk Kross’, a ~6km swim from Cres to Krk (the first official swim crossing between the islands) and then ~7km along the koast of Krk. Day two was the ‘Cres Cross’, 6km from the lighthouse on Cres to Plomin fjord on the mainland, followed by 6km along the coast to our base in Rabac. This was the first full running of the event after a trial run last year. Around sixty swimmers took part - the initial plan was to have two pods of swimmers but based on swimmers’ speeds this was adapted to four pods after the initial acclimatisation swim on the Thursday. For most of the swims I was just about hanging in at the tail end of the fourth pod, pod ‘D’. The boat support was excellent with a mixture of 4-5 boats, kayaks and SUPs guiding the pod and providing gels and water every 45 minutes. Conditions were near perfect - clear blue sea at around 19 degrees C, only occasional chop and waves, sun to warm our backs and shoals of small fish to greet us when we entered the shallow waters. After the final swim in to the beach at Rabac, we swam back out to the main boat, a tourist boat decked out as a pirate ship, and sailed round to the quay at Rabac where a band welcomed us ashore. A really fantastic, challenging set of swims with great support. The organisers INCroatia are planning to stage similar events in different locations in Croatia each year, with Hvar pencilled in for next year. Time is just my total swim time as this wasn’t a timed race event.