Etna parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 28/09/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

"Currently, due to the impracticability of the main route, the route is inside the equipped area below the "Pineta Monti Rossi", and consists of n. 4 counterclockwise turns of 1.25 km. The "Monti Rossi" pine forest has always been a meeting place for all the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ​​Catania both in summer and in winter. Located near the inhabited center of Nicolosi, defined as "the door of Etna", the "Monti Rossi" were formed in 1669 following one of the most frightening eruptions to be remembered, whose lava flows reached the sea of ​​Catania after destroying various inhabited centers. The area around is characterized by the presence of the Sports Field, the Adventure Park "Monti Rossi Park", from an area equipped as a camping site open all year, "Camping Etna", from an area "Pineta Monti Rossi "Equipped for picnics with barbe-cue, from the riding school and from the swimming pool. Within the area of ​​the Monti Rossi it is possible to spend pleasant moments to run and / or walk on the many paths present and from which one can admire at the same time the majesty of Etna and the immensity of the sea. Along the paths taken care of by the Forest Guard there are no water points but it is possible to drink a drink or eat something sweet or savory at the bar kiosk of the "Pineta Monti Rossi" or the Adventure Park or Camping Etna." So, still on the temporary course lower down the slopes, which is a shame because the original sounds great with views of Etna and the sea. However the original may come back next year. The current course is undulating (but no great slopes) on a soft earth and pine needle base, with the occasional tricky tree root and rock thrown in. Of the 41 runners this week Katy & I managed 3rd and 2nd on an age-graded basis. Then after lunch in Nicolosi we went back up the mountain to catch the cable car and play around the higher craters!