WellWorthSwimming Worthing Open Water Swim 1.5K

Race Date: Saturday, 14/09/2019
Race Distance: Swim - 1.5 Km

A low key open water swim event organised by the Sussex Trail Events team. The course was a long narrow 1500m loop running along close to the shore to the west of Worthing Pier. At the start, the sea conditions were good but there was a noticeable tidal flow running west along the beach, with swimmers having to swim back towards the pier to hold the start line. Once the 'go' had been sounded we flew with the tide down the beach. The marker buoys at the ends of the loop were laying flat on the water, making it very hard to see them from a distance at water level, so it was very much a case of keeping parallel to the shore, following the swimmers in front and hoping that they were going in the right direction. After the turn it was a long hard slog back against the tide, again struggling to see the buoys, but this time with the pier and the observation wheel next to it to give something to sight on. Once at the top of the loop course, I had to ferry glide, swimming at an angle to the tide, in order to cross between the buoys. I had entered the 3K swim but with one loop having taken me over an hour, and around three quarters of that time spent on the return leg, I settled for doing just the 1.5K as did 11 others from the 36 that were doing the 3K. A tough but enjoyable swim.