Great North Run 2019

Race Date: Sunday, 08/09/2019
Race Distance: Half Marathon

My family are from the North East so I have wanted to run this for many years, and eventually got the entry through the Bloodwise charity. It didn't disappoint and is a great day out. Obviously it helped this year that the weather was good - when I first sampled the morning it was only 3C but it warmed up quickly during the walk up from Central Newcastle to the start. Racing wise I had a 'mare - my allocated pen was rammed full and we were sent further back - I ended up starting with the 2 hour pacers, and the course was packed to say the least and not ideal for dodging through - but I needn't have worried as my calf/achilles injury flared up after 4/5 miles anyway and I hobbled the rest of the way. This really didn't matter as the other runners were all enjoying themselves and the level of support was fantastic. I had been warned that despite the net downhill, there are still plenty of undulations and ascent - I think the best moment is around mile 11 when you can sense/smell the sea and then you crest the hill and it's there. Because of the Metro queues back to the city you can either try and beat these, or enjoy all the fun of the seaside, which I think Jack managed to do. I believe there were 57,000 runners this year.