Quarter Marathon - Volunteers Needed - 21st September

We are putting on our big Open Event this year, the Quarter Marathon on the 21st September. In order to do this we need around 40 volunteers. If you are able to help please contact Phil Reeves who is coordinating the names and organising the Marshals. It would really help us know that you are able to help so we can make this event a really great success. thanks Chiara and Ralph (Event Co-Directors)


If you are coming along, we are also asking if you can bring a cake or some tasty snacks. You know we Windmilers like to have a few after running. This time though we shall be donating any proceeds to 2 charities of the event, the Wimbledon Guild and Stem4. Bring your cake along in the morning before the race and it will be really appreciated.

and Tidying up

Finally, after the race, and to help keep the common a really great place to run and live, we shall be pulling together and performing another litter picking session. Come along and at the end of the Quarter Marathon Simon Adams will be coordinating this effort. It will start around 12.00 and will primarily focus on the area around the fields in which we have run.