RunThrough Mercedes Benz Running Grand Prix - 5K

Race Date: Sunday, 08/09/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

Possibly my favourite RunThrough course around the famous Brooklands circuit in Weybridge. It's a single lap (for 5K) and whilst in simple terms you go out four times and back four times (on different track of course) it's far more than that. There are long straights, big curves, snaky sections and tight hairpins (running tight). It covers a compact area so you feel intermingled with runners elsewhere on the circuit at all times. Very suitable for fast times, with only the tight hairpins and and poorer concrete in the home straight/start area being a negative. Fellow Windmiler Christopher Fox just pipped us in the home straight, we even gave him a 45 minute head start! He was however heading in for a fabulous third place in the half marathon (four laps and a little extra).