Committee minutes 09-04-19

Date:  Tuesday 9 April 2019

Start time: 20.45

Finish time: 22.15

Venue: Hand in Hand, Wimbledon



Anas Hassan (AH) Chair

Claire Morgan (CM) Comms Rep

Ralph Gilbert (RG) Comms Rep

Colin Harris (CH) Events Rep

Ella Waddingham (EW) Ladies’ Team Captain

Jeff Hoadley (JH) Membership Rep

Kate Carter (KC) General Member

James Hamilton (JHa) Men’s Team Captain



John Sabourin (JS) President

Gavin Mclaughlan (GM) Treasurer

Ebney Hossen (EH) Social Secretary

Steve Fletcher (SF) Coaching Rep

Simon Olney (SO) Triathlon Rep

Jo Burge (JB) General Member

Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain

Chiara Samele (CS) Ladies’ Team Captain



This was the first committee meeting after the AGM so there were no minutes to be approved.  The financial update was deferred to the next meeting as the financial and membership renewal picture would be clearer by then.

Quarter Marathon: the club has obtained a race permit and entry is now open on Sports Systems. CS will bring a budget to the next committee meeting for approval.

South of England Athletic Association (SEAA) has proposed a new payment structure for clubs of £2 per EA-affiliated member from the 2020 cross country season. This would be a significant increase from the current SEAA fee of £30 per year. Given that we have large numbers of EA registered athletes but only a very small number who participate in SEAA competitions, it was suggested that if SEAA is looking for ways to ensure that its competitions do not lose money, SEAA could consider other approaches (e.g. increasing race entry fees). This view is aligned with that of many other clubs as discussed in the Round Table of local running clubs and groups. We (and other clubs) have contacted SEAA to seek clarification of some aspects of their proposal, but haven’t had a response.

Team Spirit Champions workshop: England Athletics ran a free workshop attended by several committee members and others. This focused on ways to create a positive experience for volunteers, which would hopefully help the club recruit and retain volunteers for events, coaching and other activities. Based on this workshop, a checklist is available to help anyone who is organising volunteers for club activities.

The first town hall discussion took place on 19 March after a Tuesday training session. There was a good turnout and a useful discussion about a range of topics, including feedback on training sessions (what works, what could be improved, what could be tried in future etc). We intend to hold further sessions throughout the year, perhaps on different days (e.g. to get views of Sunday runners etc).  An example of ideas raised that have been taken forward already is the “easy midweek run”. SF (coaching rep) is considering other ideas raised.

JH is reviewing the membership form. It was agreed that JH would circulate a proposed new version for comments.

AH talked through a club calendar of events and activities. The aim of the calendar is to help committee members and event organisers with forward planning. It was agreed that AH would circulate this to committee members, who would let him know if they had any additions/revisions. The calendar would be reviewed at each future committee meeting, to make sure it was up to date and being used as intended.

Next meeting: Tuesday 9 July at the Hand in Hand, 8.45pm start.