RunThrough Eton Dorney

Race Date: Saturday, 08/06/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

Very windy on this exposed course around the Olympic Rowing Lake. Glad we had bags with us today as the freebies were in full flow, a variety of protein drinks, yoghurts ("your welcome to take a tray of six"!) etc, in addition to the standard bananas, flapjacks, oat bars and water. Lynn continued to focus on the shorter distances taking a further big chunk off her season's best. One slight downside today was that with the 5K and 10K starting at the same time but from different spots (neither being the finish line) the mobile chip reader was used for the 10K starters, so our times weren't chip started. I've therefore reduced our times by 9 seconds to match our Garmin times based on the time it took us to cross the start line after the "gun" sounded.