Malmö Ribersborg parkrun

Race Date: Thursday, 06/06/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

The 6th June is Swedish National Day, it’s also the day that parkrun Sweden has nominated for its extra parkrun day in the year. With the 6th June falling on a Thursday this year, the combination of an extra parkrun, on a weekday, with some tourism thrown in proved too enticing for me and, it turned out, quite a few other UK parkrun tourists. The run is a flat single loop on compacted sand and gravel paths along the back of Ribersborg beach, around a couple of lakes which provide a frog chorus for the run. The usual turnout is around 60-70 runners, but today was boosted by tourists to over 140 runners. An enjoyable run with a friendly team - the Run Director for the day was Katherine, who recognised my Windmiler vest as she used to run at Wimbledon Common parkrun. Coffee and cake was available after the run at the Ribersborgs Kallbadhus - an historic open air sea baths a short walk out to sea along a pier.