Chase The Sun - Hyde Park

Race Date: Wednesday, 22/05/2019
Race Distance: 10 Km

Lynn's longest run since London three and half weeks ago; she didn't commit to running the 10K until late on. It was worth it as it was her quickest run for 15 months and she should hopefully approach her 2017 times soon once she commits to them individually without the worry of the bigger picture of Marathon preparation. I'm honest that I find running in its own right boring so have to create mini challenges to keep me interested. A main one is that nobody who is behind me with a kilometre to go beats me. Obviously most runners at the point aren't significantly faster than me. They may pass me but providing I keep them in striking distance I'm pretty confident of overtaking them at the end. Today two runners sailed passed me literally yards after the 9K marker and immediately I could tell from their running styles that this was going to be a big problem. They initially pulled away but I closed it down enough to set-up a sprint finish; at which point the buggers pulled right for another lap; I suspect they were speedy 10K runners on a couple of slow warm down laps!