Goteborg Skatas parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 18/05/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

"Flannelers, berry pickers, sports fans and athletes. In Skatås you will find them all! In the middle of Gothenburg's most active recreation area, the Delsjö area, is Skatås exercise center." With a half marathon to run at 1pm just Bruce and I took a tram to the edge of the city and walked up a hill to the Skatas country park for the parkrun at 9.30. Maybe this explained why despite in other cities on weekends hosting halves and marathons parkrun has blossomed, here attendance plummeted, with only 25 runners. It's a lovely one lap run on tracks through the forest and around a lake, but the last 2km contains several inclines whose brutality increased the more Bruce discussed them.