Chase The Sun - Crystal Palace 10K

Race Date: Wednesday, 15/05/2019
Race Distance: 10 Km

My 20th 10K already in 2019, I'd only run 8 in my life prior to that! Second time running at Crystal Palace (ran 5K last year). It's a fabulous course, two laps for the 10K. You set off on the wide open expanses of the old Crystal Palace, turn right and your transformed onto a MABAC type hill. The back end of the lap is heavily loaded with up hills (my apps suggested this was my 10K with the most elevation) a couple of which have sharp starts. In fairness apart from those, whilst there is a lot of climbing it is steady making this a quicker course than you'd suspect. Must admit though on those climbs at the end of the first lap I couldn't get out of my mind the thought of bailing out after one lap with a respectable 5K time!