Portsmouth Duathlon Race 3

Race Date: Sunday, 21/04/2019
Race Distance: Other - Tri

The final race of 3 duathlons at the Southsea beach in Portsmouth. The continued challenge between Nick and Nicola gave a handicap offset of 33 minutes for Nicola to get within Nick's time. For the third time in the series we had amazing weather with clear skies, very light wind a good temperature. This event was longer again than the 2nd with a 10km run leg, 24km bike leg and finishing with the usual 5km run. All very flat and simple for navigation. The challenge of the first run is to balance a good time with saving energy. I was estimating a 42-43 mins, but felt very relaxed through the first 5km with a bit quick 20:35, so I tried to cruise a bit more in the second half to complete the fun in 41:25 (25th on the day). Nicola's run had also gone well and she completed the leg in 55:27 (40th female), which was steady in order to save some legs for later. My transition was pretty quick at 42s, but longer than many (53rd overall). Out onto the ride and perfect conditions for a blast around 2 laps of the seafront. Not too busy, but there were a few slows/stops for pedestrian crossings and a car or two turning at roundabouts. I was blatantly drafted by one guy (623) who I explained in simple terms that I considered that cheating. Anyway after creating a gap, I didn't see him again. On the second lap I overtook Nicola, so tried to encourage her to push a bit - though no sure it helped. I managed to finish the second lap feeling pretty good and ended with a time of 40:27 which was an average speed of 36.4kmh and better than the 2nd event, so happy as I was 13th best bike leg. Nicola completed her second lap and ended with a time of 56:24, which was 25.9kmh - also a good average for her. My transition 2 was excellent - just 19 seconds - and I really ran out as strongly as I could. It meant that my first km of the final 5km was 4:13 - much better than the 4:32 I had on the first event. The speed then gradually improved as my legs eased out of cycling mode and I finished with a 4:00 to complete the final leg in 20:37 19th on the day and 20 seconds quicker than the previous race. Nicola was now struggling, her hip was aching, but she continued to run all the way around the 5km course. She found someone to run with who was also struggling, so they kept each other company to get round the 5km in 28:12 - 36th best female time. So the big question was whether Nicola had made it to the finish within 33 minutes of my time. Nicola had taken a total of 2:21:19 (39th female of 50). I completed the whole event in 1:43:22 (19th of 172 finishers). So I won the final challenge.