Boston Marathon 2019

Race Date: Monday, 15/04/2019
Race Distance: Marathon

The 123rd running of the world’s oldest marathon. It was surprisingly rural for a “big city marathon”, you get bussed 26 miles out of town (on the iconic yellow school buses) before running back into Boston through various suburbs. The support out on the course was fantastic, particularly at the famous Wellesley College Scream Tunnel where the cheers from the students was deafening. We had all been monitoring the weather forecast avidly all week as it had been predicting non-stop rain and fairly cold temperatures. Whilst the rain and thunderstorms first thing were pretty biblical, the rain had stopped by the time the race started. The sun came out about halfway and the combination of heat and hills in the second half was a bit too energy sapping for me. However the massive crowds in the last few miles kept you going. Well done to Guy on completing the course with a fractured rib (even his timing chip seems to have broken, so no official result for him yet). Katy certainly had a birthday she will remember for a long time. Kate completed her six Marathon Majors so managed to come away with two medals.(Guy - It has taken nearly 2 weeks requesting a 'results adjustment' but I have now been checked and have my official time!)