Adidas 1 Hour London City Run

Race Date: Sunday, 07/04/2019
Race Distance: Other - Run

The second running of this event on a one mile circuit around St. Pauls Cathedral. Timing mats every 0.1 miles (161m) with your result being a distance based on the last mat you crossed within the one hour. It's a fast course although hard for the fastest runners having to repeatedly overtake. There were four separate races with upto 700 runners in each. Furthest was 10.5 miles with a total of 5 runners completing 10 laps in the hour. My stretch target was 7 miles. With 0.3 of a mile left I thought I'd blown it and crossed the then 0.9 mat thinking it was too late. I literally made the mile mat followed by two more steps before the klaxon sounded. A group stupidly stopped dead a step over the mat BEFORE the klaxon sounded. One lady got an almighty shove from me to avoid a pile-up of bodies! Lynn was in a later race and after a slow first lap in congestion, had a speedy last lap as she reached the 0.7 mat with less than 5 seconds to spare. I didn't see any other Windmilers (we all wore the same identical tech t-shirts) so please add your comments/results if you ran. Distance in miles: David 7 - Lynn 4.8.