London Landmarks Half Marathon 2019

Race Date: Sunday, 24/03/2019
Race Distance: Half Marathon

A charity-focused half marathon round the centre of town. Most of the runners were wearing charity vests, and there was the odd runner in full fancy dress (yes, I did get overtaken by a man dressed as a Guide Dog about 1 mile from the end). It started on Pall Mall and wound its way around town before finishing on Whitehall. There were signs around the course giving you information about some of the sights we passed, not easy to read when you are mid race (apparently Waterloo Bridge is also called "The Ladies Bridge" as it was largely built by ladies during WWII). The course was rather twisty in the City with some tight corners to slow you down and there were a few inclines on the route, but generally it is a good course for seeing lots of the London sights. Great crowd support with charity cheer stations, choirs and live bands. Kate was third lady, and I was pleasantly surprised to be so close to my PB given a less than ideal week leading up to the race. I didn't see any other windmilers on the day, so add your results below if you were also running.