Hampton Court Half Marathon

Race Date: Sunday, 17/03/2019
Race Distance: Half Marathon

My annual Half Marathon, John 'riding shotgun' as part of his London Marathon training. Very well organised given 3,500 runners all descending on Hampton Court Palace at the same time. Beautiful location with weather to match, bar the wind, made for a pleasant trip along the river, over Kingston Bridge down Portsmouth Road, past Giggs Hill Green to the Scilly Isles, back over Hampton Court Bridge, round to Kingston Bridge, into Home Park to the finish at the Palace. Radhika guided Lynn to a PB, though I can't see her in the results. No club affiliation, so please add your result if you were there. My Garmin recorded 13.26 miles! ADDED BY LYNN - Radhika didn't get an official time as she left her chip at home. I've added her with the same time as mine. Nigel was spotted cruising through the 7km marker.