Chase The Moon - Olympic Park

Race Date: Wednesday, 13/03/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

The possible PB that fell to injury. I decided to see if I was fit enough to run a sub 25 5k. With 1.5k to go I was way inside and just a couple of seconds off my PB pace. Then without warning my left calf tightened. I slowed then pulled-up to rub it. I decided to re-start and run slower and carefully (I was injured for 10 weeks last year when running on when the calf tightened on my other leg, but on other occasions I was running again within days). I was able to partly run it off. Approaching the end I couldn't resist chasing two runners just by increasing the pace and then sprinting for one more. I felt I passed her and the photo finish I've seen since seems to support me, but I wasn't given the place in the official results; I obviously need to work on the positioning of my chip at the end of races! I then headed straight across to the physio table for him to work on the calf before hobbling home. As an expert (through experience!) on calf strains I think this one will be okay in a few days.