RunThrough Victoria Park

Race Date: Saturday, 02/02/2019
Race Distance: 10 Km

Paced nearly to perfection such that I won my first ever "prize money" for running. I may have to turn pro now! This weekend I'm running my first ever back to back 10K's so planned for an easy 59 minutes today ... until I got an e-mail yesterday offering me £1 off the entry fee for the adidas One Hour run in April for every mile I ran in a one hour run. Well I was up for that challenge. I'd save £6 by running a 10K. I'd be allowed a few seconds either way, but I had to run for exactly one hour. Happy to set my target time one minute slower to achieve that. So I needed 6:00 km pace. I was running 5:55'ish early on but settled into exactly 6:00 for 3 Km's straight from midway, then 6:01. As the end approached I was focused on my watch and looking for the finish. I saw it but I was now in the last minute. My initial reaction was it was too far so I accelerated. My Garmin had got my pace spot on though and now I was in danger of not running for an hour, so I slowed right down. Still wasn't enough so I totally stopped inches from the line. I think I triggered the chip though as my official time was quicker than my Garmin, but it's the Garmin that gets my discount. So all that to save the equivalent of a good pint in London! But it was the challenge (of the pacing) that counts and I'll still convince myself I won some prize money. And yes I could have just stopped my Garmin on one hour regardless, but where's the fun in that!