Kingston parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 26/01/2019
Race Distance: 5 Km

A group of us decided on some local parkrun tourism, although the majority aren't Windmilers. As is often the case when visiting a new parkrun, everybody we asked where to find the start, were also first timers. The subsequent first time briefing was interesting. One of our group, Jas Dhalley who many of you may know is as close to being a Windmiler as you can be without actually joining (he was a volunteer at our club championships in December for example) offered to volunteer at Kingston and was given the First Timers Briefing job despite it being his first visit. Ten minutes earlier we had been wandering up and down the towpath unsure where the start was let alone the direction of the run; so Jas did a great job, reassuring(!) the other first timers that he was also a first timer.