RunThrough Brixton 10K

Race Date: Sunday, 06/01/2019
Race Distance: 10 Km

RunThrough event at Brockwell Park; so included plenty of hills on a three lap course. Lovely conditions for running. My first ever over 1 hour 10K and therefore the first time I've ever run for longer than one hour in a race; but I was delighted. I'd rather have done a 5K, but only 10K available today and I already had a place. If I hadn't gone I would have stayed in bed, so was a good way to increase my monthly mileage which was very low in November/December. I was strict with myself to ensure I didn't run sub one hour pace and only allowed myself to have fun and increase my pace over the last 500m. I was warned not to run too hard and injure myself due to lack of recent activity. Mission comfortably accomplished.