Conwy Half Marathon

Race Date: Sunday, 18/11/2018
Race Distance: Half Marathon

We have long fancied a crack at this and finally made it there on its 10th running. Starting and finishing in front of Conwy Castle, and in between a course over the river to Llandudno and around and up and down The Great Orme. A beautiful day, with a fair breeze to keep you fresh if running, and chilled otherwise. Some 4000 entrants and 3000 finishers. There are apparently 2 "F***-it" moments in this race, and the second certainly got me....going quite well and having already cheerfully ground up most of the inclines on the Orme, so I thought, you turn a corner and are confronted with another even longer climb snaking to the cafe on the top. Temporarily I had visions of those I had just passed mirthfully trampling back over me, but then the cocktail, Chenin Blanc and half-cooked lasagne kicked back in. The descent is more straightforward - just keep heading down....and hope your legs have something saved for the 4 miles back to Conwy!