Adidas City Run - Fulham

Race Date: Sunday, 18/11/2018
Race Distance: 10 Km

The fourth and final run of this years Adidas City Runs series (3 10K's and a One Hour event). A very flat course, the only incline I noticed was when we circled Stamford Bridge; and that was short. The organisers don't display clubs on the results, but there are two names I noticed (I can only verify Carl ran though). Having participated in all 4 events I received an additional series "gold" medal and a picture with Alistair Brownlee. Becca asked me how much my medal cost; nearly £170 I replied; so not great value for money. I was placed in Wave A (with the quick runners) , and decided to stick there because Alistair was only around for a limited period and I didn't want to miss meeting him.