Adidas City Run - Shoreditch

Race Date: Sunday, 14/10/2018
Race Distance: 10 Km

I gave up my entry to the Cabbage Patch 10 mile to run this 10K as I felt the jump to 10 miles was too much to make in one go. We were subject to an absolute deluge whilst being held in our starting pens wearing just our event issued tech shirts. It was very hard to stay warm. I managed to achieve a solid negative split today after failing to do so four weeks ago at Clapham. This time I hit my target 28/27 split with the bonus of a sub 5 last kilometre ensuring I was inside my target time of 55 minutes. It was a very good course through residential roads; a bit lumpy (okay they were speed humps, but that counts as lumpy to me!). No easy way of telling if there were other Windmilers running today as we were all dressed the same and clubs aren't shown in the results. With the Cabbage Patch / MABAC clash there may not have been any other Windmilers, but please add your result if you were there.