Chase the Moon - Olympic Park 5k

Race Date: Wednesday, 10/10/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

Now that was different. Travel issues meant we weren’t ready to start, but one of many great things about RunThrough is we still got official chip times based on when we did start. Lynn and Radhika started a full 9 minutes 46 seconds after the gun and still managed to beat a handful of runners across the finish line (gun time). I was able to start a bit earlier although after everybody else (bar Lynn and Radhika) but within 2 minutes of the gun. I had to weave my way through the field, at times moving from one side of the course to the other to find a gap. I’ve never overtaken so many runners before! Most of it was on the first (of two) laps as eventually I was catching up runners of a similar pace to me. I officially overtook over 150 5k runners and based on their finishing times, around 130 10k runners (ok they were running further than me but did form part of the roadblock!). Certainly gave me an interesting insight into the fast Windmilers who routinely lap a large number of runners in the two lap Wimbledon Common parkrun. I managed to finish 89th on gun time which I was pleased with. Lynn and Radhika enjoyed a fun run together and although their gun start deficit was too much to overhaul many runners on the course, their true chip times pushed them significantly further up the rankings. Should mention the problem I had with the bag drop as it’s a funny story. I ran under number 2711 (one of the highest numbers). In the rush at the start I pinned the number to my shirt which still had the baggage number attached (you are meant to tear it off). So I just ripped it off and put it on my bag. I then asked one of the staff if they wouldn’t mind dropping of my bag for me since the race had already started. Afterwards me and the bag drop staff couldn’t find my bag in the 2500+ section. Eventually I found it in the low numbers. It was tagged as bag 27. I then looked at the number pinned to my shirt; and at the bottom the 11 portion was still attached from my botched attempt to rip off the baggage number off! One name looks like a Windmiler but I’ll let him add himself in case it’s not.