SVN Autumn Cakeathon

Race Date: Sunday, 07/10/2018
Race Distance: Half Marathon

A beautiful morning to take part at Jeskyns Community Woodland (nr Gravesend) organised by the jolly people of Saxons, Vikings and Normans. Run the 3.28m loop, get your lap-card hole-punched, optional: take a break, have a feed/drink, repeat. A six-hour duration in which to run as many laps, and as hard as you wish, then decide to call it day by ringing the bell at the run base. After which, a sugar-laden (and beer) goody bag is thrust into your arms and a most ginormous, heavy medal is slung around your neck. Participants were encouraged to bring their baked offerings to the feed station which were then judged and awarded trophies, before being consumed by runners. A very friendly atmosphere evident with other runners, regardless of how many times, acknowledging one another whenever they passed. (NB: TomTom-based timing).