Trail du Petit St Bernard (60k, 3500m D+)

Race Date: Sunday, 07/10/2018
Race Distance: Other

The last high mountain race of the Alpine season - starting from Les Chapieux and heading out to some rough country before finishing at the Hospice du Petit-St-Bernard. Gnarly stuff, lots of pathless sections and a couple of bits where some runners chose to get a harness on and be helped across. For the rest of us, we just hung on to chains and hoped that our feet stuck above the drop, clinging onto the snowy ledge. Legs and feet were jaded and blistered by doing 50k the previous day to get to the registration and starting point, and it was bitter cold, so I settled in to a steady pace for most of it before pushing on from the final checkpoint. A beautiful run if you have the opportunity - for more.