Descente London Half-Duathlon 2018

Race Date: Sunday, 16/09/2018
Race Distance: Other

One of a multiple of Duathlon events held at Richmond Park this Sunday. No clubs shown on the Official Results but aware of Gina, Steph and Maria participating. Gina finished a superb 3rd in gender. This was my first ever Duathlon and Colin not only volunteered to be my pilot, but also provided the Tandem and ran as my guide. After paying and receiving the event package in the post, I was contacted by the organisers to say that the event wasn’t suitable for me. Both Colin and my running coach Steve McCann contacted the organisers to put the case that I wouldn’t be an obstruction to other competitors. As an experienced Triathlete, Colin knew the etiquette and processes; they didn’t mention my inexperience on a bike; just a handful of outings with Colin since my teenage years. I finished with out incident in a competitive time so hopefully there will be no issues next year. Colin did a great job; we’d only run 200m together before the event. Official Splits were (5km Run - Transition 1 – 22km Ride – Transition 2 – 5km Run). Gina (19:13 – 1:58 – 45:38 – 1:01 – 20:15) Steph (26:04 – 2:47 – 54:13 – 1:40 – 26:17) Maria (27:22 – 2:17 – 57:27 – 1:06 – 27:58) Lynn/Colin (34:03 – 3:47 – 48:14 – 1:52 – 33:28)