Adidas City Run - Clapham

Race Date: Sunday, 16/09/2018
Race Distance: 10 Km

The second of four Adidas City Runs in 2018. Apart from a long 2km straight drag early on down Wandsworth Road, a very residential route with lots of check backs in the second half. No clubs shown on the results so difficult to identify any Windmilers; especially as we all had to wear matching Tech T-Shirts. However one Windmiler stood out. Nick McKay (and Sophie has confirmed that it was indeed her Nick) finished a superb 5th overall, but even more impressively was 1st overall V40 (only Men U40's ahead of him). If you keep up with Windmiler reports you will know that Nick mentioned he missed out on a 10K V40 first place at Regents Park a fortnight ago on a technicality; he was a day too young! I "know" (familiar with) the man who finished third just ahead of Nick. Bermudian Sean Trott is a regular Chase the Sun runner and often wins those 10K's. Chase The Sun laps are typically 2.5km so I "know" him because he regularly passes me on his third lap! My running this year has been almost exclusively in races, so today I decided to treat it as a training run. Some of you know that (comparative to my level) that I tend to start fast, slowly fade then finish quickly. So I tried to run a negative split; but failed by a few seconds. I still need to work on that.