Lock to Lock Swim Run

Race Date: Sunday, 16/09/2018
Race Distance: Other - Aquathon

This was a swim run event consisting of three swims and three runs: 1.2k swim, 7k run, 1.6k swim, 450m dash, 1k swim, 6k run - this was the ‘full stump’ event with a ‘half stump’ option of just the first swim and run also available. In a swim run, you must keep your kit with you all the way through the event, so you swim with your running shoes on and run around with a swim cap on your head as if that was a perfectly rational thing to do. The swims started at Eynsham Lock to the west of Oxford and followed the Thames to just short of Godstow Lock. This section of the river has occasional meanders which can complicate navigation when sighting from water level, particularly following a bend to the left when you’re a dedicated right side breather. There were also a number of sand bars, usually to be navigated around, although the first one caught me by surprise, so I opted for a short mid-swim run. The runs were mostly on trails around the semi ancient woodland of Oxford University’s Wytham Woods and, more pertinently to the swim runners, up and down the sides of Wytham Hill. At the finish there was plentiful cake and tea. An enjoyable well-organised and very friendly and supportive event by the SwimOxford team.