Grimpée Chedde-Ayères (14.5k, 1350m D+)

Race Date: Sunday, 16/09/2018
Race Distance: Other

A stiff test of legs and lungs after UTMB. This was in ski country, so the start line was an assemblage of impressive quads. Steep climbing from Chedde to beautiful Lac Vert, and then more ascent to Les Ayères at 1641m. Some technical single-track. Then finally some descent, though that was no respite - full gas down a ski slope to finish, where any mistimed stride forced out all the breath from the body (feeling like being repeatedly punched in the stomach). Lovely event, very much one for the local community of Chedde and Passy with a shared meal afterwards on the sunny plateau of Plaine Joux, looking across to Mont Blanc.