Richmond Runfest Half Marathon

Race Date: Sunday, 16/09/2018
Race Distance: Half Marathon

The now annual half that starts in Kew Gardens and finishes in Old Deer Park, as part of a festival that stretches over two days. Very flat, decent weather, nice goody bag with tshirt. With practically no training for one reason and another, the last four miles were about as hard as I've ever found running, so age is obviously catching up. Lowri was a brilliant second in her gender/age category; Kate Carter was fifth in hers. Oh, and I was seventh in mine, so not so bad. They don't seem to categorise people by club, sadly, so I've only put in the two other people I know were running (I saw Kate Carter running off into the distance afterwards, while I stumbled back to the car slowly and painfully). Please don't hesitate to insert your name if you took part in this. I was very happy being first in my age category!!! (Sorry Lowri!) Helped by the fact I was running ahead of Kate for the first 6 miles which kept me motivated. She obviously ran the second half a lot quicker than I did! A lovely course really enjoyed it. Katy Addendum: Astonishingly good time by Laura. Well done. Peter