Yeovil Montacute parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 11/08/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

I had done Yeovil before in January 2015, when I slipped very near the finish in the wet. This time was for the purpose of gaining Katy's 'Y'! It has now expanded to nearly 400 runners. The course mainly on rough grass track is in the parkland grounds of Montacute House (NT)...the house is well worth a look inside afterwards. The course starts and finishes near the Pudding House at the foot of the Avenue. It follows a 2k anti-clockwise inner loop, out and back along the avenue, and a 3k anti-clockwise outer loop passing close to the perimeter of the property and through the copse. The running surface is very uneven and you should run with care. Trail shoes are advisable in wet conditions if you have them. Be aware that there are loose cattle and sheep in the grounds!!! And boy are there lots of sheep.....we had the excitement of running on more than one occasion with hundreds of stampeding sheep who were mainly trying to run at right angles to the column of runners diving between them where they could! Clearly not considered dangerous as no-one intervened and there were no reports of any collisions or injuries to either group of mammals.