Millom parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 11/08/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

Millom parkrun is in a small village on the Cumbrian coast. Earlier this year it was mentioned in an article on the BBC website as being the “toughest” parkrun in the country (meaning it has the slowest average time). This isn’t because it is very hilly, it is actually flat and round a school playing field, but instead because the course gets so wet and muddy during the winter months (watch the clip on the BBC website if you want to see). It was a beautiful sunny day and the course was dry, but the grass was rather long and the surface rather rutted below the grass cover which made it lumpy to run across, sapping your speed when you met an unexpected wobble.. I wasn’t a fan of the five lap course, but came away as first lady and with an age category record. Do I go back in the depths of winter to attempt the muddy version?