Committee meeting 19 April 2018

Wimbledon Windmilers Management Committee minutes

Date: 19 April 2018

Start time: 20.45

Finish time: 21.45

Venue: Hand in Hand Wimbledon



John Sabourin (JS) President

Anas Hassan (AH) Chair

Gavin McLaughlan (GM) Treasurer

Jeff Hoadley (JH) Membership Rep

Claire Morgan (CM) Comms Rep

Ebney Hossen (EH) Social Secretary

Ralph Gilbert (RG) Comms Rep

Colin Harris (CHa) MABAC & Events Rep

James Hamilton (J Ha) Men’s Team Captain

Kate Carter (KC) Ladies’ Team Captain

Phil Reeves (PR) Men’s Team Captain

Julia Donovan (JD) Ladies’ Team Captain

Ella Waddington (EW) General Member



Sally Jones (SJ) Waffle

Simon Olney (SO) Triathlon Rep

Norman Urquaia (NU) Coaching Rep

Sam Pickford (SP) Coaching Rep

Keith MacIntosh (KM) General Member

Caroline Helder (CHe) Vice-Chair



1 Introductions & priorities

Committee members introduced themselves and their priorities for the year

AH confirmed his priorities as chair to promote club and review training mix. 

2 Welfare update

JS confirmed that there was nothing to report.

3 Finance update

GM noted it was too early in the year to make a forecast.  Money had started coming in for the year with membership renewals.  He reminded committee members of the rules (eg. expenses of more than £200 need prior committee approval; if putting on an event, propose a budget at an early stage which the committee can approve.). 


A working group has been set up to ensure compliance.  There are 2 strands – membership and newsletters. 

Some brief discussion about whether captains need to ask members each time for data for the Surrey League – agreed this needs to be a separate discussion.

Action – CM to arrange further meeting on GDPR, to be held before 25 May.


5 Membership update

At today’s date (nearly 3 weeks into membership year) there are 293 members, including approx. 61 new members (individuals, not accounts) – as compared with 42 same time last year.


6 Open event

The course has been finalised, and license obtained.  Still need to finalise marshalling points.

21 entries to date.  Aim is to promote external participation – it’s on Runners World, we’ve begun sending details to other clubs. 

Sponsors: Paul Strank Roofing, Up & Running, Robert Holmes.

Charities: Wimbledon Guild, Stem4.

Goody bag has been started, ideas requested.


7 Multi-sport

Simon O had sent a detailed update with his apologies. 

Weds cycling to start 1st week May

Tri top – had taken 30 orders.

Demographic – somewhat younger than rest of club, especially for swimming. 

Considering putting on Womble Tri again in 2019. 


8 Events

Colin had sent round a calendar of club events, including the 4 x 5 relays.


Next meeting; Hand in Hand, Wimbledon Thursday 19th July 20.45