Serpent Trail 10k

Race Date: Saturday, 07/07/2018
Race Distance: 10 Km

In the heart of South Downs NP for the snaking route, participants were bussed out at different times to each of the four start points (100k, 50k*, HM* and 10k*). By 2pm the enthusiasm of the RD and marshals had not diminished and we were cheerily waved off as other runners arrived at the checkpoint/feed station. The flattish route took in quiet roads before turning on to the trails, heathland, fields and woodlands. The option to walk* was welcomed. My highlights - running through the hip-high wheat fields, seeing the SDNP at its summery best, jovial camaraderie exchange from other runners as they overtook me. Not surprising with the weather, there were retirements aplenty but they were suitably restored with beverages, buffet, showers and a matter of a World Cup footy match screening in the club room at race HQ. Awards for podium finishers and quirky medal and T-shirt for all.