Boulter’s to Bray 2.8K Swim

Race Date: Saturday, 07/07/2018
Race Distance: Other - Swim

The Boulter’s to Bray Swim bills itself as one of the oldest open water swimming events, being the continuation of a swim that started in the 19th century and was reinstated in 2012 after a break of 43 years. It’s a downstream swim in the Thames from Boulter’s Lock past Maidenhead Rowing Club, where the event HQ is based, and down to finish opposite the Waterside Inn at Bray. Non-wetsuit swimmers are allowed if you sign a disclaimer accepting responsibility should you drown (I think that was the gist, I skim-read it). It’s an early start - pre 6am for registration, in theory 6:15 start, although there was a bit of faffing around this time so it was closer to 6:45 once we got going. Notes for swimparkrun tourists: in theory with the early start, this would be ideal for a swim+parkrun combo, however Maidenhead parkrun was cancelled due to an annual football tournament, and the late start made a dash to Upton Court parkrun infeasible for this public transport user.