Adidas 1 Hour London City Run

Race Date: Sunday, 17/06/2018
Race Distance: Other - Run

How far can you run in 1 hour? The course was a one mile circuit around St. Pauls with timing mats every 0.1 miles (161m). So a kind of Ultra Coopers Test. The problem with a Coopers Test (12 minutes) is that I haven't got the foggiest how to pace it. This was a lot easier. For me it was run it as a 10k (substitute 10 miles for the top runners) and then add as much on top as possible. So for me that meant (the pre-race plan) was how much of the 7th lap could I complete. I thought it was great fun and a little different. Downside (which I'd suspected pre-race) was the hour started on the klaxon, but you could lose a minute plus clearing the starting pen. The end was great and a little strange; as I (and a few others) started sprinting to one more timing mat as we worked out the seconds remaining and the need to hit the next mat (or you could run a pointless 160m and be just 1m short of the next recorded distance. 2,000+ runners split across 4 separate races with the winner covering 10.4 miles. The distances (in miles) of the Windmilers I'm aware of were: David 6.6 - Charles 6.3 - Steve 6.1 - Lynn 4.7 - Carl 4.1