Zary (Poland) parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 02/06/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

An established parkrun approximately half way between Berlin and Wroclaw. This was #244 and there were 90 runners including 8 UK tourists. Quite competitive - several (male) members of the local running club dominate the top of the results but also very friendly - there were cakes, water, a warm-up and a tourist goody bag which included a CD of Telemann who was Kapellmeister there for a year (back when it was Sorau). We had been going to do the one in Leipzig but the attraction of "getting her Z" proved too much for a certain person. One lap on undulating trails in the local Green Forest starting from a very nice pool facility which unfortunately only opens at 10am. In feel, quite like Banstead Woods if my memory is on form (except a lot warmer!!). I managed 1st tourist and in category, but Katy garnered another 1st Lady.