Pottinger Green Race, Hong Kong (15km)

Race Date: Saturday, 19/05/2018
Race Distance: 15 Km

Hot, hot and a bit more hot thrown in for good measure. It was at least 30 degrees in the shade and significantly hotter in the sun. A well organised trail race, with the first 10km along the Dragon's Back section of the Hong Kong trail. On the ridge there were stunning views of the south coast of Hong Kong island either side of the ridge but the sun was beating down fiercely. Fortunately the next section was fairly flat and in the shade so felt very runnable in comparison. There was a quick pit stop at the finish area to refill water bottles and be sponged down by volunteers with iced water before setting off on the final 5km. The first part was a lovely shady downhill all the way to sea level before running through a small village and onto a white sandy beach. However after losing all of that height you had to re-gain it through a seemingly never-ending set of steps in the blazing sunlight. Even the locals seemed to be finding it hard. As a final evil twist, after getting to the top of Pottinger Peak I was expecting a short downhill runnable section to finish, but it was such a steep slope that they had installed a rope next to the path to enable you to descend. I was very grateful to get to the finish and those buckets of iced water again! Definitely the hottest race I have ever done, and Andy's longest, so deserved a nice afternoon on the beach afterwards.