VI Cursa Popular Calp

Race Date: Sunday, 04/03/2018
Race Distance: Other - Run

1147 runners braved the cold wind for the second of the 2018 Circuit Marina Alta series on the Spanish Costa Blanca - this time in Calpe, just up the road from Benidorm! Not sure why they drop the 'e' in the race title. The series are 10k races, but several are shorter and this one was 9.4k. Whilst I'd have loved an SB for my perfect time, John insisted he didn't want a false SB, so honesty prevailed and I don't get my 70% + age grading. Not the most exciting course, but a lovely 3k stretch along the pretty coastline to the finish. As always, well organised with plenty of vocal support en route and a great technical T shirt in the goody bag. Report by Francesca but on John's laptop, so in his name!