Wyre Forest parkrun

Race Date: Saturday, 17/02/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

Wyre Forest is ranked 28th of all Parkruns based on elevation (not an exact science as we all know). However, this is certainly a hilly course. It is a single lap through the wooded forest. The locals mentioned a bit of mud and water; but it was incredibly hard to spot. The terrain is great to run on; all the difficulty is from the mix of hills encountered. The first kilometre or so is pretty much downhill, so you know what is coming to get back to the beginning. The finish is not dissimilar to a Mountain Top finish in the Tour De France. This steep finish is known as Cardiac Hill for obvious reasons. About a year ago, the finish had to be moved (Go Ape didn't like the finish outside their entrance) which has made Cardiac Hill a greater challenge as the finishing climb has been lengthened. The only advantage I can see is that you now finish outside the Coffee Shop, rather than having to walk up post race. Having run this a few times, it is highly recommended. If you can blitz hills you can certainly get some relatively impressive times here. Just avoid the school boy error of starting too far back based on your time as the first 200 yards or so are a little congested. After that there is plenty of space. Don't forget your pound coins to park (as we did today); it was very nice of a volunteer to lend us the money before we could break into some notes in the Coffee Shop which doesn't open until 9am. The good news is that the Postcode takes you right into the Car Park.