Surrey League Cross Country: Men's R4 (Lloyd Park)

Race Date: Saturday, 10/02/2018
Race Distance: Other - Run

After what has proved to be a nerve-wracking season, the team put in a strong finish and managed to remain in Division 2. We came 6th on the day which brought us just enough points to save us from relegation. This was a quite a recovery considering we had been well over 100 points behind after match two. But a combination of had work and some good luck, for a change, worked in our favour this time. Obviously, being Lloyd park in February, it was very cold and very muddy but the rain did stop just in time for our run. For extra slipperiness, the ground had been churned up by the preceding Div 3 and 4 races. There were parts which were a good foot deep in cold grey / brown custard. I saw one poor guy in road shoes, slithering and sliding around but not making much forward progress. I think he may still be there. Many thanks to Anneli, Jo, Lydia, Bruce, Ralph and John, who came to witness and support.