Nostell parkrun

Race Date: Monday, 01/01/2018
Race Distance: 5 Km

Held in the lovely undulating (and fortunately open) grounds of Nostell Priory near Wakefield. A record 705 runners had turned up from various parts of Yorkshire (with a large contingent from Pontefract) for the 2nd of their NY Doubles and the standard course had been ditched for a 2 lap special (measured at 5.6km by my nearest companion in the funnel) with an out up and then a descent of each of their gravel "wiggly-waggly" paths through the woods - the briefing perhaps even underestimated the wiggleness which left several runners rather dizzy. Unfortunately the main stopwatch was somehow 'cleared' before the results were compiled which led to all runners being given the same time - the organisers being confident that no-one had run a PB ;-)