Cross San Silvestre de Guzmán

Race Date: Sunday, 17/12/2017
Race Distance: Other - Run

My second free Spanish race this weekend in San Silvestre de Guzman a town in the south west. The day included eight races starting with one for eight year olds and going up ages and distances until the longest race (7.8k) for male and female seniors and vets starting at the local windmill, 'Molino de Vilan'. As I collected my number I saw the other runners diligently warming up taking a good half hour going through various drills. The actual course consisted of a dusty, stony trail. It was disconcerting to run cross country in the warm sun (locals complained of cold), without the usual mud, but there was at least one puddle which we saw five times, one for each lap. I got locked into a tussle with a local, Antonio, at the end as he turned the last corner he put on a spectacular uphill sprint finish beating me by a whisker. Thankfully it turned out he was younger than me so we both got 2nd in age group trophies; models of the windmill.